Conservator Blinds

About Us

Awnings and window shade systems amount to comfort, culture and cutback when you live in the Middle-East. Being first ever used in Egypt and Syria, awnings primarily cut the sunlight off to keep you cosy in a climate that predominantly has long, hot summers. In addition the shade systems cut down the cost of air conditioning up to 20% by keeping your interior cool and shield your furniture from fading in the glare of hot sun.

Quality Space LLC is that unique brand name in the Middle-East that encompasses beauty, quality, trend and affordability when you think of awnings and window shade systems to create your own space.

With a stunning array of cutting-edge awnings, Quality Space LLC redefines the light and shade to suit what defines your comfort. We own the honour of being the only partner of Markilux-Germany in the Middle-East.

From blinds to shutters, facade awnings to folding arm cassette awnings — not just that we have all the kinds of shading systems you need for a different shading and lighting treatment of your space, but of all ranges — of price, of colour, of size, of creativity.

We rejoice in our unparalleled service of distribution and installation that spans over 15 years since we landed foot in the land of sand, hand in hand with the giants like Markilux-Germany, Stobag-Switzerland, Saps-Italy and much more.

Your environment. You wish, we shape it. You dream, we carve it.