AROMATIC models are perfectly suitable for exterior installation on conservatories, glass roofs and skylights. Their compact constructions make these awning systems especially suitable for small and medium area.The elegant box is self-supported and, as all the other profiles and cast parts, made of high quality aluminium. When the awning is rolled up, the end profile fits the box perfectly and protects the cover against the weather.The lateral, patented gas filled struts ensure constant and perfect tensioning of the cover. A choice of fixings allows flexible and easy installation – even on a complicated substructure.

Customized Triangular shape Awnings

Customized Triangular shape Awnings

The markilux 893 masters the exception to the rule: triangular windows or skylights get a tailor-made shade. The triangular blind can be attached on the outside or inside; vertically, horizontally or at an angle – a special tensioning system always provides ideal cover tension.

Round aluminium cassette, powder-coated. Special tensioning system with combined elastic and kevlar belts plus gast pistons for perfect cover tension.

Markilux 780/880

A small conservatory system with its own tensioning system that is slim, compact and extremely strong. This system is perfect for both interior and exterior applications, and is ideally suited to smaller glass conservatories and pergolas. Available in a square or round cassette.

Markilux 8800

Vertical Facade Awning

The markilux 8800 is regarded as the best conservatory awning on the market for its performance, reliability, endurance and ease of installation. Ideally suited to glass conservatories, pergolas, courtyards, playgrounds, cafes and restaurants. This awning benefits from the tracfix system reducing any light or rain gap between the cover and guide tracks as well as providing excellent wind ratings. single units up to 7m wide & extensions up to 6m with tracfix system/7m with non-tracfix. optional traxcfix system removes gap between cover & track

Targa/Targa Plus

Targa-Targa Plus

This models are suitable for larger, complex glass roofing and substructures. The exterior awning protects against the sun and heat and generates a pleasant indoor climate – with excellent visual characteristics.The guide rails can be moved inwards and can thus shade even specially shaped or inclined conservatories. The TARGA-PLUS model provides a real step forward in shading.The patented “Plus technology” with its telescopic guide rails makes it possible to extend the cover up to a maximum of 140?cm over the conservatory roof. Even with a small roof inclination, the patented filled cylinders mechanism ensures perfect tensioning of the cover.