Astano TR4110


The refined solution when it comes to horizontal covers between buildings or existing structures. The ASTANO roof range optimally protects against sun and rain and is optionally available with rotating aluminium lamellas or a sturdy folding awning. And the low-energy LED lighting can conjure up an atm ASTANO TR4110: The weatherproof polyester fabric (fire protection class B1) likewise offers the best protection against heat, UV radiation as well as rain.

Bavona TP6100


BAVONA – the weather-protected oasis with diverse options: Sliding glazing, remote control, LED lighting and Aluminium floor system.From spring to autumn, the new BAVONA Outdoor Living Pavilion creates a natural living space on the terrace or in the garden.As a bio-climatic canopy, the BAVONA TP6500 Hardtop provides perfect protection from sun and rain with variably inclining aluminium lamellas. The natural air circulation through the lamellas acts like an environmentally-friendly air-conditioning system.

Bavona TP6500


Diverse uses as a free-standing pavilion or with a connection directly on the facade. Expanded with sliding glazing, the BAVONA pergola protects not only from sun and rain, but also from wind.

Melano TP7000

Whether the roof awning is open or closed, the folding awning system MELANO TP7100 with its cubical shape and seamless joins not only wins you over in terms of function, but also its appearance.The MELANO folding awning boasts multiple, intelligent, integrated options for your convenience. The vertical awnings offer you optimum protection from prying eyes and the sun’s rays and thanks to the Awning system, guarantee high stability in strong winds. Whilst the variable sliding glass panels keep out the wind and rain, the electricity-saving LED lighting creates a pleasant ambience.